Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm finding it a bit hard to get excited about the Olympics at the moment, but there are a few interesting things around the internet at the moment which talk about the ancient Olympics.

About.com has a good introduction to the ancient Olympics, as well as information on more specific questions, such as were women involved and what was training like.

The Perseus exhibit is pretty cool too, especially the stories about particular athletes whose athletic feats have been passed own to us.

Then there's this page which desribes the emperor Nero's hilarious visit to the Olympic Games in 67AD- as a participant, not a spectator!

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Anonymous said...

finding a bit hard sir?!... really?? i've been up all night watching the olympics and i can't wait for tmro's 50m freestyle semi's!!! oh and the gymnastics are breathtaking!

the site about.com is a good read i must say!