Thursday, August 25, 2011

You can't dream in Latin...

Here are a couple of podcasts that have caught my attention over the last week from ABC Radio, one from 702 Sydney, the other from Radio National. The first is a brief look at the Oracle of Delphi, the second a longer discussion of Latin's influence on the western world.


Mike Salter said...

Many thanks for the link to that second one JM, that's great. And I notice there's a reference to that same passage from Aeneid Book II that I looked at a while back... :-)

Anonymous said...


As a former latin student of stgghs, i have been entertaining the idea of going to the 2012 Latin Summer School.

Would you happen to have any idea when registration usually opens?

Also, what level would you recommend that I undertake if I completed HSC extension latin but all memory of it may have been repressed!


Anonymous said...

anonymous, not sure when registration opens. usually sometime in term four, if that's of any help. I would keep an eye on the website. if you've done extension, i doubt there's much point doing anything lower than 3A. you might feel rusty, but there's not a lot of point doing basic grammar all over again. get back into reading something and i'm sure it'll all come flooding back.