Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Classics Tour - Day 6: Sepino

I had never heard of Sepino (Saepinum to the Romans), and in fact even google seems reluctant to divulge much information about the Roman ruins that can be found there. But despite its obscurity I found it a fascinating place to spend the afternoon. The ruins aren't particularly well preserved, but there are a few interesting features including the remains of a leather tannery, a gate paid for by Nero and Germanicus and a mausoleum for a local aristocrat displaying the Roman symbols of power - the curule chair and the fasces.

But probably the thing I enjoyed most about Sepino was eating figs, walnuts and grapes from the trees and vines which had grown up among the ruins.


Mersini said...

And wearing your womanly jacket!

By the way sir, happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

thank-you mersini. i've also been wearing my classy new jumper. it's very comfortable.

Mike Salter said...

Hope you're having a fantastic time, JM. You've inspired me to finally get off my derriere and organise something similar within the next couple of years.