Wednesday, November 04, 2009

your favourite author

I've added a poll to my blog to let you vote for your favourite Roman author (you have to scroll down a bit to see it). I've only included the authors I've studied this year with my senior classes: Virgil, Cicero, Catullus, Horace and Ovid. If you vote, leave me a comment explaining who you voted for and why.

I had a similar poll set up ages ago, I don't remember what the figures were, but you can read a brief bio of each author as well as some of the comments here.


Mike Salter said...

Ha! I'd forgotten that previous blog entry of yours the Livy description. As for your modern-day Lucretius...I've known plenty of those in my time.

My top five would probably be:

(1) Ovid
(2) Virgil
(3) Juvenal
(4) Tacitus
(5) Horace

...with Lucretius unlucky to miss out.

jm said...

no room for catullus?

Mike Salter said...

Have to admit, I've gone off him (Catullus) a bit as I've gotten older. This is going to sound dreadfully fogeyish, but although some of the usual favourites of his are simple, appealing and fun, technically and artistically they're a bit clunky. I've even (shock horror) left him off the Year 11 syllabus this year for the very first time...partly because he's in the Extension course anyway, though.

jm said...

fair enough. i generally do Catullus at the end of year 10, because (despite your objections) i think he's one of the most accessible Roman authors - especially the love poems, and especially to 16 year old girls.

Mike Salter said...

Yeah, very true. I should probably include him in Year 10. Our problem with Year 10 for the last few years has been that Term 4 (and even part of Term 3) has been a bit of a write-off, teaching-wise. Has been difficult to fit any literature in at all!

Anonymous said...

Ovid is awesome :D I love how he took all of the classic Roman fairy-tales and made them into one epic poem (the Metamorphoses). I suppose you can read the poem in English, but when you read it in its original language it is just so much richer :) Not to mention how all of his poems just seem to jump off the page and sing themselves too you; I love it. Ovid all the way!

jm said...

i have the same frustration, mike. i reckon i missed about half my yr 10 lessons last term. this term is going to be just as bad, with yearly exams, school certificate, work experience and the rest. it's ridiculous!

Mike Salter said...

...Not to mention how all of his (Ovid's) poems just seem to jump off the page and sing themselves too you...

ars adeo latet arte sua. :-)

For what it's worth, I entirely agree.