Friday, April 03, 2009

De Thesauro Litterisque Graecis

I've read two great posts over at laudator temporis acti recently, which appeal to my inner (ok, outer) nerd. The first is an Ode to a Thesaurus. Here's the first stanza, as a taste:

O precious codex, volume, tome,
Book, writing, compilation, work
Attend the while I pen a pome,
A jest, a jape, a quip, a quirk.

It reminds me of a non sequitur comic I once saw (and should have kept) entitled 'The Thesaurosaurus'. It showed a dinosaur walking around saying 'I die, expire, am made extinct.' Hilarious.

The second post is on The Noble Shapes of the Greek Letters. Again here's a taste:

Some letters catch the eye more than others: the perverse triple loop of Xi, the twin concavity of Omega, the bisected almond of Theta, Phi like a circle transfixed by a spear, Psi's curly trident and Gamma's two-pronged fork. As the argument kindles and voices wax louder, the lettering matriculates from italics to capitals and out like dangerous missiles whizz triangles and T-squares and gibbets and acute angles, pairs of Stonehenge megaliths with lintel stones, and half-open springs.

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Anonymous said...

even if you hate the chaser boys its a funny song and definately related to the 1st sotry