Friday, March 27, 2009

cena Romana MMIX

I had a very enjoyable time with my year 11 students at the annual Senior Classics Dinner last night. The highlight was of course the trivia quiz, fiendishly difficult as always. Here are a few sample questions; I'll put the answers in the comments sometime next week.

The following goddesses all had something to do with pregnancy, childbirth or child-rearing. Match the goddess to her correct function.

  • Aboena; Alemona; Lucina; Cunina; Decima


  • To guard the cradle; To watch over pregnancy; To ensure the safe going out and coming in of children; To keep unborn children safe; To look after women in childbirth

The Greco-Roman god of the wind was Aeolus, who had six sons, each controlling the wind from a particular direction. Match the son with the particular direction of his wind.

  • Aquilo; Boreus; Corus; Eurus; Notus; Zephyrus

  • North; East; South; South-West; West; North-West

Many parts of the human skeleton have Latin names. Where would you find the following bones?
  • flute; small dish; brooch; basin; cuckoo; ray; hammer, anvil and stirrup

Which NSW places are referred to by the following Latin phrases?
  • collis aestivus; mons monens; tumulosus infractus; montes caeruli; silicis phoci; geminus sinus

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