Friday, September 26, 2008


As an end of term activity with my year nine class today we played a bit of Balderdash. The girls were given a Latin word, for which they had to invent a definition. Then their definitions were pooled together, and they had to try to choose which one was correct. Here are some of the words, and their definitions; can you tell which one is correct?

vermino, are, avi, atus:

  • to have worms
  • to walk with great pride
  • to be truthful, to tell the truth

olfactoriolum, i (nt):

  • a factory used for making wine in Roman times
  • a lazy person
  • a little perfume bottle

mansuetarius, i (m):

  • a complex sewerage system made for a large city
  • a bull that is used for agricultural purposes
  • a tamer of wild beasts

stomachor, ari, atus:

  • to be irritated, annoyed
  • to put up with a difficult situation
  • to make extremely loud sounds, like the trumpeting of an elephant

catillo, nis (m):

  • a porch, outdoor patio
  • someone who licks plates
  • a public place for women to bathe

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