Thursday, May 22, 2008

Year 8 vocab quiz

Every Thursday my year 8 class has a vocab test, but sadly we can't have it today as I'm on strike. So instead (since this is a teachers' strike not a students' strike) they can quiz themselves.

step 1. go to the cambridge vocab tester, select 10 questions, vocab from stage 6 (not checklist only), English to Latin

step 2. do the quiz, write down your mark out of 10

step 3. write down the Latin for: I was walking; you praised; she was carrying; we shouted; they were

step 4. check your answers by reading the comments to this post

step 5. post a comment with your name and mark out of 20


Anonymous said...

answers to step 3:


give youreself one mark for getting the word right, and another one for getting the ending right (out of 20)

north west said...

i got 30 out of 20 ;)

Anonymous said...

Uh Mr Morrison. I clicked on the thingo but it said "EHEU! page not found bla bla bla...."

bob said...

lol.... A RANDOM SPAZZ landed here...

sarah s said...

Sarah Shipley: 3/20

Anonymous said...

alright the link is fixed. i expect results to now come flooding in.

Natalie i'm very proud of you, sarah i'm bitterly disappointed in you, but glad that you still read my blog and leave me comments.

Anonymous said...

Oh WIN. I'm not a failure at Year 8 Latin! [[Year 12 Latin on the other hand...]]

Full Marks. =]

Anonymous said...

i'm confused. how is it out of 20? does that include the vocab one?

Leanne Truong said...

sup Mr M. ?
anyways this is leanne :)
i got a really bad mark so yeahh...
i got 14 out of 20
how bad is that
cyaa on mondaii??
well i'll jst see you whenever my nxt latin class is

Leanne Truong said...

i actually got 13 out of 20
jst came to tell u ><
yeahh cos i added it wrong

Leanne Truong said...

omg i did so bad
i got 92 out of 100 in 3 min and 1 sec
sooo bad
jst wanted to pass and tell u that
and that i'd go on ur blog more so that i can learn this stuff cos i dont seem to remember that much but yeah

Lauren Steck said...

it's lauren....
yeah i took the quiz a little late, sorry about that but i figured late is better than never
and I got 17/20

btw leanne is 92/100 REALLY THAT BAD? lol

Anonymous said...

17/20 is pretty good, thanks for stopping by lauren.

Katherine Luu said...

I GOT 20/20 YAY!
uh no i didn't i only got 18/20 so yeh
bye bye

leanne truong said...

well lauren 92/100 is very VERY bad considering it was the level one test lol
so sad ><

Anonymous said...

Sir, you seem to have a very interesting yr 8 class this year. You should be missing us because we sure do miss Latin. No, seriously, we do miss it, We're not joking. Yr 9 is sooooooooo boring so you yr 8's out there, make the most of this year while you can.
p.s DON'T drop Latin or you will regret it! I won't tell you who this is Mr M. or you'll get the shock of your life.