Friday, April 11, 2008


[Mt Ossa, Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania]

I'm off on holidays again, so there won't be much posting action for the next fortnight. no exciting plans this time round, so I'll leave you with a photo of mt Ossa from my last trip.

Mt Ossa is the highest mountain in Tassie, named after a famous mountain in Greece. According to Greek mythology (and my trusty Oxford Companion to Classical Literature) Otus and Ephialtes piled Mt Pelion on top of Mt Ossa, and Mt Ossa on top of Mt Olympus in their attempts to overthrow the gods.

The phrase 'heaping (or piling) Ossa upon Pelion' is sometimes used today to refer to an extremely difficult, but ultimately fruitless, task.


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sir, i tried to email you homework for checking... but it bounced from your school account and my own? what should i do?

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try it again. as far as i know my email is working.