Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back to School

Back at school today after a very nice holiday. My highlights included:

The photo above is from my hiking trip through Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania- 15 points will go to anyone who can explain what the photo has to do with the Classics.

Normal transmission will resume shortly.


Anonymous said...

To answer your question,
Pelion Hut - Mount Pelion (where the golden apple from Eris thingo tookplace....) - Pelion - Peleus - Achilles (aftermath of first set of brackets... Troy = *die* *die* *die* *die*).
Also the giant wookie, leaning on that sign, with what resembles a large growth on its face, seems to think if himself as an example of the classics. hahahaha
Hope you had a good holiday, see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Mt Pelion is a mountain in Greece, where lots of important mythological stuff happened. Walking around Tassie we saw lots of natural features which took their names from Classical Mythology, including Mt Ossa, Mt Olympus, Mt Geryon, the Narcissus River, lake Oenone. Anonymous you win 15 points, but lose 20 for your insulting remarks about my personal appearance. :-)

Anonymous said...

spicks and specks!1!!! I <3 that show!

ooh meditatons. 1 of my snr frends was readin that, n she sed dat it wuz gud.

sounds lyk u had interestin holz, mr m.

ps wats a wookie?

Anonymous said...

Who is that androgynous figure in the picture? Does he/she have anything to do with the ancient civilisation the world looks so fondly upon? hmmm.... or is that place somewhere in the ancient world? OR was that photo in fact taken in ancient times and restored by a talented archiologist with a lot of time on their hands?

It looks hot but fun! :D