Monday, December 04, 2006


Here's a target puzzle I set for my year nine class the other day. See how many words you can get:

Solving the Target Puzzles

See how many Latin words of two letters or more you can make from the letters shown in the above grid.

In making a word, each letter must be used once only.

Each word must contain the centre letter and there must be at least one nine-letter word in the list.

You may include words of any case, number, tense, mood, voice or person, but only one form of each word.

[I managed to make about 30 words, though that is by no means definitive. I'll put up my list in a couple of days, if anyone's interested]

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Anonymous said...

Here's my list, see if there are any i've missed: acti ait at ave avis avite capit casti cave cite eas ita pacti pace pascit pavescit picta saevi sciat secta sita spectat SPECTAVIT tace tacite vae vasti vecta vesta via vice victa visa vita

ps i changed the rules half way through to only include one inflection per word.