Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why I didn't do my homework

in domum meam perperam incurrentes, vigiles qui exsequuntur usum medicamentorum illicitorum nimis studiosi pensum domesticum pro testimonio iniuste abstulerunt.

[My homework was seized as evidence by mistake by CIA agents in a drug bust at the wrong address.]

orbe terrarium nimuim calefacto combustione hydrogonanthracum, pensum meum domesticum sua sponte flammam concepit.

[Due to global warming, my homework spontaneously combusted.]


Anonymous said...

how do you say 'i didn't do my homework because i was blogging'?

Anonymous said...

hayyyy you can comment .... awesome

Anonymous said...

haha thts funny.
i get it yay!!

Anonymous said...

haha! *overly dripping with sarcasm*

Anonymous said...

I luved it very funnie. HaHaHaHa!!!