Monday, August 28, 2006

bloggo ergo sum

Joeline has asked me about the origins of the word 'blog', so I've done some research and found the following:

bloggo, bloggere, bloggi, bloxus v. itr. (ante class.: blogo) [root: Sanscr. bhloch-; Gr. βλογω (perh. related to λογος?); Anglo-Saxon bloghæn] 1. To waste time; 2. To annoy friends with the inanities of one’s daily life; 3. To make lame jokes (only in prose).

Examples from Latin literature:

odi et bloggo.
I hate, and I blog.


arma virumque bloggo
I blog about wars, and a man…


bloggo ergo sum
I blog therefore I am.


veni, vidi, bloggi.
I came, I saw, I posted the pictures on my blog.

(Julius Caesar)


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful Joel. I've never had so much fun learning Latin. Including when I did it at school with you! Actually, I think I was in the other class the whole time. Maybe that was the problem!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Teh coolness (yes, teh is now a word, too).

Can I say "I am a blog-head"?

How would you say that?

Anonymous said...

Sir, your dedication to Latin is impressive.

...and I confess to being guilty of the first definition.

Can we please have another pizza day after our exams?

Anonymous said...

High-five for Latin humour!

...'ow come I don't get a mention in entries, eh?


Anonymous said...

*wipes eyes*

You've surprised me, J.Mo. Who knew you had such a sense of humour?

I always thought it was 'veni, vidi, velcro' - thanks for setting me right!

Anonymous said...

wow. very interesting the word 'blog'. nice to know ive learnt something new today.... (i usually don't you see).

great sarcasm andrewe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you JMO! This blog entry is greatly appreciated! I especially love the Julius Caesar quote.

Much gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Mr Morrison! I love your blog! It is so good! Optime, even? Maybe? Haha no! I just checked my handy dandy Latin Dictionary, which I keep on the computer desk in manner of complete Latin nerd, and your blog is OPTIMUS. Optime is an adverb, so then, like, you blog optime??


Sometimes we
Ask, What is
Night? Is it
Sorrow, or
Or is it
Night that makes us

(-Juliargh, class captain in charge of scansions)

Anonymous said...

Also, about pizza day, we are actually having a "Latin banquet" after our exams. I am making this horrible fetta dip that everybody else loves. It will have to be on a Wednesday afternoon and I think in the last week of term we might have one of those farewell assemblies for year twelve, so may we please do it on the 20th? It will be REALLY good!

(slash, it will be optimus!!)

byron smith said...

Poetry in motion.

Mike Salter said...

Hi Joel,

Great blog, I love it! Will let my own students know about it...

By the way, a couple of good links you might want to add are David Meadows' rogueclassicism site ( and a blog by an American guy called Michael Gilleland ( which always has some worthwhile tidbits.

Good to catch up with you again this weekend. Still feeling sleep-deprived myself...


Anonymous said...

who's mike?