Friday, August 28, 2009

ad thermas

Good Morning year 8! Today's exciting lesson involves, visiting the Cambridge course website, and doing the grammar and vocabulary exercises from stage 9. If you finish these quickly, explore some of the sites at the bottom of the page which give you some information about the Roman baths, as well as pictures from Roman ruins around the world. You can also visit this site for a more interactive experience of what a trip to the Roman baths would have been like, or you can use this map to help you locate the baths in Pompeii, using google earth.


Soap and Nic said...

wat a boring blog. where's all the fun? the only reason we're visiting is bcuz u made us. it needs more colour. a suggestion use pink.

Your students said...

Hello, you catillo! This is the International Court of Justice speaking. We have found you out. Please report to the front office immediately. Thankyou.

quintus comes out and friends said...

nice work sir... you really know how to teach latin.. congratulations!
however you dont have a t.v
oh well!...pity you cant watch any latin shows...tsk tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

Salvete Discipulae!!

Maddy- Eqqus Rulz!
Jessica- The Socceroos RULE!~!!!
Maddy- High School Musical is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica- Tim Cahill is the best!!!!
Maddy-Zac Efron is soo hott!!! Vanessa Anne Hudgens is sooo pretty!!!!!!!!
Jessica- Madeline you are weird!!!!
Maddy- Lets stop now!
Jessica- Gladly
Maddy- This is boring!
Jessica- I think we should do our work!!! *wink wink* *nudge nudge*
Maddy- *Not taking it the dirty way* *looks around the room* *laughs* and says goodbye. Go Heebie Jeebies!!!
Jessica says Goodbye SIR!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Morrison,
What's up...i like your blog...its funny. Especiaaly the games.....not neccessarily the work. i DID gre...bye
Naomi #1

Anus said...

hehe. im only commentin so i can be the first and hopefully comment on this very not warm site. really needs more colour. try the warm ones. the only funny stff about this blog is all the comments that posted by us. hahaha. :P

quintus comes out and friends said...

Not enough violence.... sadly. i suggest background music for your blog.. i recommend... "hit me baby one more time" as i think its probably your kind of song... you know you love it!
i also suggest you have a shooting game for slave girls too..

use the advice sir.. or else
i have fingers in many pies... and walking trees

Anonymous said...

hey jessica, dont make me zidane you!!!!!

rabis pink hippo said...

the trees have ears!!!!!!!!!
i feel pinkness and happiness!!@!

Adela Politician said...

hi mr mojo,
its weird to have a blog if ur a teacher..urs is strange...u need to add songs and bakgrouund and stuff.....ok??????

Anonymous said...

r 10 latin class is the best
you gotta agree rite?

superman said...

i rkn you should write a blog dedicated to yr 10 latin class ...thats rite

teenage dirtbag said...

you seem to have more and more comments mr morrison.
you should post up did you knows. that would be interesting...just a suggestion.

teenage dirtbag said...

may i ask why you named your blog audio video disco? ha is it the assonance?! but why not something to do with latin.

Anonymous said...

...Has it occurred to you that your other Latin classes are insane, Mr. Morrison?


boom, eh? said...

JMO! You're a html nerd! Or so it would seem...
Why doesn't year 11 have any mention?

And it seems that some of these other students can't spell. Obviously not educated very well? But I can't talk, This comment isn't all too grammatically correct.

So, the origin of blog, please?

- post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

sarah s said...

i just realised how annoying i must have been as a student. sorry!

by the way i think "did you know" would be awesome.