Thursday, December 02, 2010


Here's a bit of a competition for the weekend - what's going on in the above picture? A bit of background: it's a photo of a mosaic I saw recently at the Getty Roman Villa in Los Angeles. I was quite excited when I saw it as I immediately recognised it as one of my favourite moments from the Aeneid. If you think you know what it is leave me a comment. If you've got no idea what it might be feel free to use your imagination. Perhaps you could even write a humorous caption.


Mike Salter said...

Seeing that you've provided the helpful "Book V" label as a clue, I would imagine it's the Dares v. Entellus boxing match?

Anonymous said...

yes, that was a bit of a give away, wasn't it? i thought that if anyone bothered to read the labels they deserved a clue.

i've always liked that story for some reason. i quite like boxing films too (million dollar baby, the hurricane, cinderella man), even though i can't bring myself to support the actual sport.

MK said...

The bull in the background made me think of the bull leaping of the Minoans, even though the depiction is a distinctly different style of art from the mosaics in Crete.
But cool, it's actually boxing.

Anonymous said...

not sure about cretan mosaics, but the blood gushing from the guy-on-the-right's head shows that it's boxing.