Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day in Pompeii

If anyone is going to be in Melbourne over the school holidays it will be well-worth visiting the Melbourne Museum, which is hosting an exhibition called A Day in Pompeii. Here's what their website says:

A Day in Pompeii takes visitors back in time to experience life and death in this cosmopolitan city. The exhibition features hundreds of exceptional objects that laid buried in Pompeii’s ruins for over 17 centuries. Included are room-size frescoes, marble and bronze sculptures, jewellery, gold coins and everyday household items – all of which evoke the richness and culture of daily life in the Roman Empire’s favourite vacation resort.

Most poignant and dramatic, however, are the body casts of the volcano’s victims, frozen in their last moments: a couple in their final embrace, a man clutching a cloth to his mouth, a fleeing slave with his ankle manacle still in place, a dog struggling on its chain.

There's also a short video on the website, which is worth watching.

The whole thing sounds great, but I don't think I'll be able to make it myself. If only it were coming to Sydney as well...


Anonymous said...

I'm taking some students on an unofficial trip in the holidays, and am really excited about it!

Lisa A

Anonymous said...

fantastic! let me know how it goes.