Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yr 12 lesson; Rhetoric now and then

The NSW HSC syllabus includes a list of stylistic features and literary terms with which you should be familiar, to help you describe and analyse the style of the Latin authors we read together. We've already seen many of these features in context, particularly in the speeches of Cicero, who was without doubt one of the greatest Roman orators.

To help us become a bit more familiar with some of these rhetorical techniques, go to the syllabus and read over the list you'll find there (on pages 32-7). If any of the explanations are a bit unclear, have a look at this site, which gives a definition of a variety of rhetorical terms, along with examples.

Then go and read Barack Obama's victory speech and see how many of these rhetorical techniques you can identify in it.

In a word document, make a list of all the techniques you can find, including examples, and email it to me at the end of the lesson.


Anonymous said...

What a good lesson! Are you so glad about Obama? I am!

Anonymous said...

thanks sarah, and thanks for stopping by. i am glad about obama- in fact obamam amabo (as we would say in Latin).