Monday, November 17, 2008


To prepare for our excursion to the Nicholson Museum tomorrow, my year 9 and 10 classes have been looking at some Latin inscriptions found on tombstones. Reading Latin inscriptions is quite different to reading 'normal' Latin, as so many of the words are abbreviated in order to save space (and time and effort I suppose).

The photo above (which I took last time I was in Rome) is a bad example of this- all the words are written out in full. I suppose the people who paid for it had a lot of money and didn't mind the expense.

If you're looking for more funeral inscriptions there are a few links in this previous post, or you can have a look at this site which has a lot of not-very-good-quality photos of tombstones from around England (click on 'prev page' to cycle through all 29 tombstones).

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Anonymous said...

oh the excursion! i remember that. has the Nicholsen Museum changed in the last couple of years or is it still pretty much the same?

Anonymous said...

the basic stuff they show you is pretty much the same, but they're always changing some of the displays. they had a really good one on glass this time.