Friday, June 27, 2008

Virgil and the West Wing

If Catullus is like Seinfeld, Virgil must be like the West Wing. The writing is sharp and richly dense, issues are rarely black and white, and it deals with contemporary politics, complex characters and the human condition.

[Disclaimer: I have never actually seen an episode of the West Wing either, but sometimes it feels like everybody I know watches it- this post is based on their opinions]


Anonymous said...

Outstanding! The West Wing is actually a really great show and I highly recommend it. I know you don't have a TV though, but maybe you can rent some of the DVDs and play them on your computer or something? The best episode I have seen so far is called The Stackhouse Filibuster.

flipsockgrrl said...

And don't miss the episode where the President takes God to task -- at length, and in Latin! -- for being unfair. (Final episode of season 2.)