Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Over at there's a palindrome challenge: how many five letter Latin palindromes can you think of? Even my year 8 class should be able to think of one, if not two, present tense verbs; the others are a little more obscure. Here are the answers.

For some more Latin palindromes and other word games see this related post.


Anonymous said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

and by that i meant thank you for the wonderful assessment task (no sarcasm intended).

i probably lost a few marks here and there but i never thought i could enjoy an exam before. i think that having no unseens this time round was great!! (too bad there will be one in the next though and several in the hsc as well!)

... i saw the Tiberinus question coming :) oh and what's another adj. to describe Pallas other than enthusiastic, naive and pius? - i couldn't think of any others

Anonymous said...

that's ok- i enjoyed reader some of the answers too. i'm not surprised you saw the Tiberinus question coming. when you think about it the range of possible questions is actually not very large, which is why (if you're properly prepared) you can feel confident about doing very well in the HSC exam.

Anonymous said...

yeah i guess so eh. will we have a little revison or anything for the assessment task next week? just a moment ago, i was reading the questions from last yr's task (the one on Virgil) and i didn't really know how to approach it or what(other than the focus areas) you're looking for when you're marking.