Friday, March 07, 2008

eternally cool

I discovered (thanks to rogue classicum) a funky new site the other day. It's a collection of lots of random but cool things to do with Rome- in the present as well as the past. Recent posts include Romans of the past as lego figures (see here for more), a chocolate coliseum and a pair of cons painted in the style of a Greek vase.

10 points if you can identify the mythological character depicted above- no cheating!


Anonymous said...

What has led me to draw my conclusion:

...ictus clava fidem pastorum nequiquam invocans morte occubuit." The lego figure is holding a rather large club. When I see a club now, I think of Cacus' death. Really, I wouldn't have thought a fire-breathing monster, embodiment of humanities vices would have died so easily.

"...habitum formamque viri aliquantum ampliorem augustioremque humana intuens..." Take one look at that chiseled face, Sir. If that's not "ampliorem augustioremque", then my middle name's not "stressed-a-lot". (Okay, well it's not. But right now, it should [and very well could] be.)

So, I'm going to say Hercules.

(!!!) Darn it! You got me off topic.

Anyway, I wanted to ask some (more) questions about Extension -

1. (you've probably answered this one, but...) With the 10 mark essay, even if the question doesn't ask for it, would you prefer, say, a paragraph comparing/contrasting the poems? e.g. "[something about Carmen something.] Similarly, in Ode [something].[something]..."

2. Are you absolutely SURE you don't accept bribes of any form? Not even from someone who refilled the jellybean jar?

3. [Continuers!related] I don't know if I'm going to be able to get to the school server before the continuers exam, so I was just wondering [insert: begging] if you could possibly e-mail the grammar exercise answers...? I'm sure by now you have several of my e-mails [[both from work I've sent through and e-mails Courtney has forwarded...]]

4. If I/we think of any more questions needing clarification, when are you free to talk to me/us on Monday?


Anonymous said...

i hear you are a year adviser, now!
(i also hear that i am incredibly slow on the uptake in regards to certain things, but i live in canberra, where the internet *isn't*, so i cannot be expected to know everything.)
how is life at st george?

ps. roman lego is an awesome idea [and now this comment is no longer entirely irrelevant to the original post which this comment is supposedly a reply to].
pps. i am sure zio says "hi"

Anonymous said...

hi ruthius, good to hear from you. hope our nation's capital is treating you well. Happy Canberra Day for Monday.

Anonymous said...

rebecca, 10 points for hercules, bonus points for quoting livy.

to answer your questions:

i) if the question doesn' ask for a comparison/contrast you don't have to give one- but the two poems you'll get will have been chosen becasuse there's something similar or strikingly different about them, and so it's probably a good idea to mention that- so long as it doesn't distract you from answering the question.

ii) yes. (that is, I am sure that i don't accept bribes)

iii) yes

iv) lunch, periods 7+8

enjoy your study!

Anonymous said...

"Enjoy" and "Study" are contradictions in terms.

In fact, the sentence "Enjoy your study" is an oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

hey! ruth! hi!

rebecca stockbridge, i will get my book off kharma this weekend if she remembers to bring it, which means i will sign out next week (finally) and bring your book with me. is that okies? cause if you need it sooner, i can mail it to your house. oh hey, how about i bring it with me to uni on wednesday, since i will probably see you at the station. oh wait no i won't, i have to go early on wednesdays now. okay i'll give it to you next week or else i will mail it to you cool?

ps: hi joel, sorry for hijacking your blog but i don't know rebecca stockbridge's email or anything and she seems to spend a great deal of her time here, so i figured this is the best way to reach her. also, nice post - the lego is awesome.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha... sarah you are such a funny bunny! so true about stocko...! though i dont think its the best idea for us to be placing personalised names on this blog! what if latin boy from summer school starts stalking us?! :-O i wouldnt no what stocko would do...

Selena Belle said...

If that's you, "Mrs. Wheelock", you hush up. Latin-boy is your adoring stalker, not mine. I'm just your twin sister, who pawned the phone off to your protective "ethnic" boyfriend so he could defend your honor from a sandal-wearing oddball.

If it's North-West... I am going to win that bet SO BAD for Extension...

Sarah, that's fine about my book. Whenever you can get it to me would be great. It's no real hurry (Lord knows I'm going to fail the grammar section of the Continuers exam with or without it...)

And in my own defence, (seeing as you've all taken it upon yourselves to mock me without basis or reason) it's not my fault that I have questions-that-don't- get-answered-because-they-don't- get-through-someone's-email. I'm a questioning person. Especially about things I don't get. Like Latin. or Latin Extension.

This appears to be the only place where I'm most likely to get an answer. Except for in person. But, y'know, I have the memory of a goldfish. I'll forget what I wanted to ask long before I ever get anywhere near the Languages staffroom. Or we have class.

On that note, sir, do you think we'll be getting our exams back prior to the Classics dinner? And are we definitely going to have a Virgil unseen in the Continuers exam?

Anonymous said...

rebecca, you'll at least get your extension exams back before then; the continuers might take a bit longer- we'll see. and yes, of course there's a virgil unseen in the exam.

Anonymous said...

really apologetic to use your blog as a means of communication but i will not leave without a comment to selena bell.

Selena Bell, how dare you accuse me of commenting! surely you know me better than that!

Mr M, can i just ask if you've recieved the file that i sent a while ago? (and yes i do realise that that was a question within a question)

Anonymous said...

Wow, so many comments. there must be exams on or something. Natalie, yep, i've got it and am slowly owrking through it. i'll email it back to you early next week.