Friday, December 14, 2007

odi et...

Doing some research into Catullus recently, I discovered that the famous opening to poem 85 has been corrupted in the manuscript tradition, and that 'odi et amo' (I hate and I love) is actually an (admittedly, quite persuasive) emendation of the text by a later editor.

Here are my alternative suggestions for reconstructing what Catullus actually wrote:

odi et ammo
I hate and I own a gun

odi et emo
I hate and I wear a lot of black and listen to depressing music

odi et omo
I hate and I do laundry

odi et uno
I hate and I have only one card left


Anonymous said...

And by "odi et emo" you mean "I am Catullus", correct?

Mike Salter said...

odi et emmo
I hate Brett Emerton too

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! you ARE SOOOO FUNNY! like im not mocking you this time! they actually made me laugh! :-) good on you for delving into your inner funny bunny spirit.... pitty you dont find marital religion quite as amusing....

Anonymous said...

marital religion? what on earth are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

She means the "Hebrew" [["He brew (coffee)"]] joke, I assume.

You know, about the married couple and the wife tells her husband it's his job to make the morning coffee, and he makes so misogynistic comment about her role is in the kitchen, so she responds "no, the bible says it's your job", then she flicks through it to prove it, before pointing at "Hebrews".

It's funny. When told correctly and not by a tired person attempting to track down her Latin jokes in an attempt to out-lame-joke a group of friends.