Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Number Crunch

Congatulations to all my year 12 students, who received their HSC results today and have done very well. Here are some HSC statistics:

Number of students...
  • across NSW sitting the HSC this year: 67, 189
  • doing Latin Continuers: 180 (0.27% of the total number of students)
  • doing Latin Extension: 100 (0.15% of the total number of students)

Number of my students...
  • doing Latin Continuers: 11 (6% of the total number of Latin Continuers students)
  • doing Latin Extension: 8 (8% of the total number of Latin Extension students)

Highest marks in my class...

  • for Latin Continuers: 98/100
  • for Latin Extension: 49/50

Percentage of my class in the top performance band...

  • for Latin Continuers: 63%
  • for Latin Extension: 75%

The guy who came first in Latin (from Shore) is quoted in today's paper speaking about Latin:

Chao Wang, a Shore student who topped both Latin subjects, was better able to handle the Chinese interviewers because he speaks Mandarin.

He was hand-picked to study Latin because his teacher, who also taught last year's top student, is convinced that those who are good at mathematics pick up the language more easily. "It's a lot of fun," Chao said of Latin. "It's all problem solving."


Mike Salter said...

I got all the news as I walked in the door this morning. Not too bad from my guys (7 in Band 6, 3 in Band 5), although they could have done a bit better. The one student of mine who I thought might challenge for a place probably got stung by the commentary section (his weakest area) a bit.

Anonymous said...

7 in band 6 is great. My top student told me she 'stuffed up the paper'- though i've learnt by now not to believe them when they say that.