Thursday, May 03, 2007


How many Latin words, of four letters or more, can you make from the jumbled letters of 'appropinquaveramus'? My year 10 Latin class managed to come up with 43 in only five minutes the other day (though I'm sure there are many more). Here's their list:

amare (to love), amor (love), anus (old woman), appropinquare (to approach), aqua (water), arena (arena), avarus (miser), avus (grandfather), eram (I was), mane (in the morning), mansi (I waited), manus (hand), mare (sea), Mars (god of war), Minerva (goddess of wisdom), pareo (I obey), paro (I prepare), pars (some), parvus (small), pavo (peacock), pons (bridge), primus (first), prius (beforehand), prope (near), prora (prow), puer (boy), quae (which), quam (how, than), quis (who), reparo (I repair), servum (slave), verus (true), viae (streets), quippe (of course), quia (because), sero (late), sequor (I follow), sive (or if), sine (without), suis (her own), viro (man), vires (strength), vinum (wine)

[in case you didn't know appropinquaveramus itself means 'we had approached']


Anonymous said...

You could have some horse-related word, I think? Like equa?

Anonymous said...

hmmm, interesting thought sarah. is a female horse an equa? i think probably not, but we could go with the dative/ablative equo. good work.

Anonymous said...

mea culpa- sarah, you were right, I was wrong. I bow to your superior wisdom.

Mathea said...

perhaps 'mus' (mouse)?

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I wasn't in class this morning! I had my maths test, so I was going to have some extra sleep and then come late, but in the end I was too late, so I didn't come at all. But I will be on time tomorrow AND I am going to ace the assessment!

Anonymous said...

On a purely irrelevant note, how are we supposed to (as the fantastic Latin students we are) pronounce your blog name?

Is it [sounded out] supposed to be:

aw-dee-oh wi-day-oh dis-koh?

Or can we just keep it at the better-sounding English version?

relevant note:

Selena Belle said...

Wotcher Sir -

I meant to get to you today to let you know but didn't get the opportunity (because I only remembered at about 2:10 when I was standing at Kogarah Station). Regarding my Parent/Teacher interview, you can cross me off for 6:10. I'm really sorry but Mum's interview is going to have to be at 6:40. Sorry! [I figured it'd be better for me to let you know now rather than Monday so someone else can have the time if need be.]


Anonymous said...

haha bec!!!