Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Which Roman Goddess Are You?

i. What’s your favourite animal?
(a) peacock
(b) dove
(c) owl
(d) deer

ii. What’s your favourite tree?
(a) pomegranate
(b) myrtle
(c) olive
(d) cypress

iii. Where would you most like to go on holidays?
(a) Carthage, in Africa
(b) Cyprus, in Greece
(c) Athens, in Greece
(d) Ephesus, in Turkey

iv. What’s your ideal way to spend a Saturday night?
(a) tormenting my step-children
(b) spending some quality time with my boyfriend
(c) staying at home, doing some weaving or sewing
(d) running through the woods with my hunting dogs

v. Your friends say you are:
(a) strong and powerful
(b) beautiful and sensitive
(c) beautiful and serious
(d) fun-loving and adventurous

vi. Tell me about your parents:
(a) My father Cronos, swallowed me when I was born, but my brother gave him poison to make him vomit me back up
(b) I was born from the waves which washed around the severed limbs of Uranus
(c) I was born, fully grown, from the head of my father Jupiter, who had swallowed my mother
(d) I am the daughter of Jupiter and Latona, born on the sacred Island of Delos

vii. You’ve been offended by a pesky mortal. How do you take revenge?
(a) send a huge storm to shipwreck him at sea
(b) make her fall in love with the ugliest man alive
(c) turn her into a spider
(d) turn him into a deer, and make his own hunting dogs tear him to pieces

[to find out which Roman goddess you are see comments]

[for a similar (but better) quiz visit this site]


Anonymous said...

mostly (a): you are Juno

mostly (b): you are Venus

mostly (c): you are Minerva

mostly (d): you are Diana

Anonymous said...

I did the winged sandals quiz on the internet. i am demeter - the caring and down to earth one.

Anonymous said...

Man, I did the winged sandals one and I got Dionysus! Hello, I am a girl!! But on this one I got Venus, which is way better, so I think that this is the better quiz.

Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

I somehow managed to get 3. All but Minerva.

The fun.

Adela said...

woot. i got a cross between diana and juno.

Anonymous said...

Yay i was Diana :-)i love her shes my favorite next to Venus:-)