Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I have never much liked cabbage, but Cato, who by all accounts was a sensible guy, thought it was pretty good for you. Here's some of the health benefits he thought you could derive from cabbage:

et hoc amplius lotium conservato eius qui brassicam essitarit, id calfacito, eo hominem demittito, cito sanum facies hac cura (expertum hoc est). item pueros pusillos si laves eo lotio, numquam debiles fient. et quibus oculi parum clari sunt, eo lotio inunguito, plus videbunt. si caput aut cervices dolent, eo lotio caldo lavito, desinent dolere.
De Agri Cultura 157

Heat the urine of a person who eats cabbage habitually, bathe the patient in it. He will be healed quickly (this remedy has been tested). Likewise if you bathe babies in this same urine they will never be sickly, and those with bad eyesight will see better. It also relieves pain in the head or neck.

Personally, I'd rather wear glasses. See here for more of the wonders of cabbage.


Anonymous said...

i cant believe someone actually bothered to write all about cabbage treatments. i also cant believe that someone actually USED those cabbage treatments. :(

Anonymous said...

You should definitely read I, Claudius, sir.

Robert Graves mentions Cato in that, only Claudius tends to insult him.

Also, do you suppose Cato tested this "remedy" himself?
(If so, his sanity should be questioned)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I've never liked cabbage.

I'm not sure that will help.

How bizarre.

In other words, I'm being stalked by a dead poet.

Thomas Hardy.

And he was emo.

It's terrible.

Anonymous said...

...Occasionally, the Romans strike me as being a little odd.

Anonymous said...

urine? you would want to know out of all things they could come up with urine?!

byron smith said...


Anonymous said...

...You just turned an entire generation off cabbage. Tut tut indeed, Mr. Mo.

Anonymous said...

insightful, sir, very insightful. i think i agree with emma, though.

Adela said...

hmmm. well, sir, if you followed cato's advice we'd stop giving you a hard time about your handwriting. NOT!