Monday, September 18, 2006

arma virumque cano...

Virgil’s Aeneid is one of the most important works of Latin literature, and one which we will be studying for our year 12 course next year. Unfortunately, we will only have time to study extracts from one of the 12 books (book 8), but it’s important to have an understanding of the structure and themes of the work as a whole, to give us a context for the sections we will be reading.

Read about the Aeneid on these sites, then make some notes on the questions which follow.



the classics pages

classics technology centre


  • What is epic poetry?
  • What is the basic plot of the Aeneid?
  • Who are some of the important characters in the Aeneid?
  • Why did Virgil write the Aeneid?

Over the next two weeks we will be reading extracts from different parts of the Aeneid. As you prepare your translations, here are some sites that might help you:

Here you can find the Latin text of the Aeneid. If you click on a word it will give you its meaning, and for some sections it will also provide background and commentary.

Here is an English translation.

Here is a good online dictionary.


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