Friday, August 04, 2006

Brought to you by the letter M

Here are five interesting (though not particularly useful) Latin words starting with 'M':

malogranata: a pomegranate tree

manipulus: pieces of metal held in the hand during gymnastic exercises, to increase the momentum of a leap or stroke

mansuetarius: a tamer of wild beasts

manticularia: handy little things, things in constant use

masculesco: to become male

Definitions from A Latin Dictionary, Lewis and Short


Anonymous said...

you're right, they're not particularly useful :) maybe if i was a tamer of wild beasts, and liked to practise gymnastic exercises with pieces of metal (handy little things that they are) under a pomegranate tree, all whilst becoming male.... we'll see...

Anonymous said...

is a pomegranate a type of fruit ?

Anonymous said...

a pomegranate
sure is a type of fruit. for the romans they were a symbol of luxury and fertility.